Toys in Belarus

Belarus and its forbidden toys

In Belarus I was looking for the train station Zhlobin. I was told that at this train station hundreds of traders run around with huge colourful stuffed animals for kids. Trying to sell them to the travellers. So I travelled to Belarus to find out more. After a few days travelling by myself through Belarus to see the whole country I arrived in Minsk to meet my friend Tusia from Moldova. Together we took a train to Zhlobin. Unfortunately we had to find out soon that the traders don´t exist anymore. Another documentary film team made a movie about the traders. Belarus didn´t quiet like how it gets across in the documentary and its response to that was to ban all traders from the station and also from anywhere around the train station. Before that it was not legal to sell the toys at the station but the traders were tolerated by the officials.

So there we were standing in front of a very angry last seller. Who told us to leave immediately otherwise he would call the police. Disappointed we sat down at a bench in the waiting hall. After a while we found out that a little tension lies in the air. Policeman walking around with serious faces and people with huge and many plastic bags were looking at each other. Big bags were swung into the trains and the deliverers left the station quickly again. The bags didn´t seem to be heavy and out of some you could see coloured plush. Has a black market for toys developed at Zhlobin? We didn´t really found out…but something was in the air.