Summer in Ukraine + Moldova

Summer in Ukraine and Moldova

As I got to know many new friends on my last trip I will continue writing in English. They are either part of the pictures or led me to some of them. The last trip was like traveling through all years seasons…I fought through the bitter coldness of getting around and finding my picture spots…and got warmed up almost every day by the kindness, hospitality and unquestioning help of the locals and friends I made…It was an up and down with a lot more being up than down. This summer I travelled through all Ukraine and Moldova in search of trains with that micro cosmos I experienced years ago. Unfortunately I had to find out that not many trains like that exist anymore. But I found some and this makes me willing to follow them and capture the magic about them.  I am still looking for a Russian or Romanian speaking person who is willing to help me to warm up the train employees on some of the most interesting trains….